5 Ways to Spice Up Your Band Shirt

Do you  have an old band t-shirt that you just cannot style in a way that looks great?  Have you rushed out to the mall and bought a trendy 1970’s band shirt in the hopes of keeping up with the latest fashion trends, only to be disappointed by the way it fits or just how plain it is?  We at Cheryl Fudge know how you feel, and have 5 simple solutions to all of your band t-shirt frustrations!  With these easy tricks you’ll be looking as good as Kendall and Gigi, in your very own band shirt.


Kanye West in his distressed Nirvana band shirt similar to ones that we carry at Cheryl Fudge

Distressing an ordinary tee is a fast way to create a unique look and it’s also totally on trend! Putting some tears in a band shirt transforms it immediately, giving it an  ultra vintage look that will give your style a lot of character.  All you need to do is cut small to medium holes in your shirt, and then pull at them to create a more worn out and natural look; or your can bring your shirt into Cheryl Fudge and we can help you distress it in no time!  You can put as many or as few rips and holes as you would like, it all depends on how distressed you want your shirt to be, but super distressed shirts are so in!


Hailey Baldwin in a lace up tee, out and about with Kendall Jenner

A lace up trim down the center of any band shirt instantly gives an edgy look that is perfect for making impressions whenever you are out with your gals. For this trick all you have to do is cut your shirt and add the trim, you can buy some iron on trims, however we always recommend sewing them on for a long lasting look. This simple trick makes a boring t-shirt a statement piece.


Cheryl Fudge exclusive lace up Guns n’ Roses top


If you want a more subtle lace up look you can use rivets rather than the pre-made lace up trim.  Cut your top, and use the riveter to punch holes in the top, then add the lace.  This method will allow you to decide how deep cut you want the shirt, and gives a more subtle lace up.







bleachedbandshirtBleach splattering a band t-shirt is another great way to distress it!  Using bleach on your shirt will give you a funky two toned vibe.  When adding bleach to a shirt, just like when adding tears, you can use as much or as little as you want.  You can go for a heavily bleach spotted look, or just a few splatter here and there for a more natural vintage look.  With bleach you can also get super creative and make your own designs!


Cheryl Fudge Cut&Paste band shirts.  Photo from Cheryl Fudge Instagram @cherylfudge

 At Cheryl Fudge we splice and dice our band t-shirts, always!  Cutting up different sweater and band shirts, then mixing and matching, we have turned many plain shirts into fun long sleeved throw overs, that are perfect for many different outings!

You can bring in any of your old sweaters and band shirts, and we can turn them into a whole new statement piece for you!


Miley Cyrus rocking a chopped up Iron Maiden shirt!

You can easily chop the sleeves and collar off of a band shirt and make it a fun loose fitting tank top that can be paired with that cute bralette you’ve been dying to show off. The best thing about chopping off the sleeves and collar of your band shirt, is that it is okay if your cutting is messy!  Messy cutting just adds to the edgy band aesthetic!


We hope these tricks will be helpful to you, good luck putting your band shirt look together!  Make sure to follow us here, and on instagram @cherylfudge for more fashion tips and tricks!


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